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Famous last words

I'm old and tired. Inside of my body, there is nothing more than fatigue and regret.
My years are about to end and my heritage to the ones that remain are words.
My very last words.

It comes out of my mouth as an apology. A means to an end, really. I bid you goodbye in my screams and breaths, as I wash my face in front of a messed up mirror. Broken, as I am broken.
Shouting your name to every corner of this city that serves no-one's purpose but my own. Yet you are no longer around to hear me say my words. My apologies, my regrets of yesterday and tomorrow. How I wish... how I wish my words could be yours and my regret could be someone else's.

Reality is the blood that runs through my veins, as a poison that seeks the heart to finish a job someone set out to do. I have killed myself over and over. And I made you watch until it was no longer bearable.

I too had to watch you cringe in despair, sitting in a corner of this house, over and over again. In screams and desire to …

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